Mr. President wants to be the leader of artificial intelligence

Алина Валамат-Заде Алина Валамат-Заде Expert of Club Russia-OECD published Digital economy
Mr. President wants to be the leader of artificial intelligence

In February 2019, The President of the United States President Donald Trump issued an Order to maintain American leadership in the field of artificial intelligence (hereinafter-AI). This order was aimed at strengthening the American leadership in the field of AI in order to support the economic and national security of the country. The policy of the United States government consists in maintaining and strengthening the scientific, technological and economic position of the United States in the field of AI development through a coordinated strategy of the Federal government - the American AI initiative.

The American AI initiative is coordinated through the Select Committee on artificial intelligence of the National Council for Science and Technology (NSTC). The principles of this initiative are to stimulate technological breakthroughs in the field of artificial intelligence, develop appropriate technical standards and reduce barriers to safety testing and implementation of AI technologies.

In addition, the U.S. has a goal of training current and future generations of U.S. workers in the development and application of artificial intelligence technologies to prepare them for today's economy and future jobs.

The United States plans to develop an international environment that supporting U.S. AI research and innovation and open markets to U.S. AI industries.

Furthermore, according to this order, Research & Development managers should take into account the priority of the AI when developing budget proposals and planning the use of funds in the 2020 financial year and in subsequent years.

The presidential assistant for national security issues, in accordance with the directive, should develop an action plan to protect the benefits of the United States in the field of AI. Thus, this order demonstrates that AI technologies are critically important for the interests of the US economy and national security.

Translation by Boryana Kiskinova