Learn responsible business practices with us

Мария Гирич Мария Гирич Expert of Center Russia-OECD published Responsible business conduct
Learn responsible business practices with us

Since March 2020, the Russia-OECD Center, together with the Center for Responsible Business Conduct of the Russian Foreign Trade Academy of the Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation, has launched the "Responsible Business Conduct" educational program.

Standards of Responsible Business Conduct (hereafter - RBC Standards) are specific rules of conduct for companies adopted by the OECD in 1976 by signing the Declaration on International Investment and Multinational Enterprises. Today, the RBC Standards are a methodology of companies' behavior in carrying out activities based on the standards of five international organizations, including the ILO, ISO, the Global Reporting Initiative, the UN, G20, and most of them the standards of the OECD itself.

The course includes 11 main areas according to the RBC Standards, including information disclosure, human rights, labor, and industrial relations, environmental protection, combating bribery, consumer interests, science and technology, competition, taxation, etc.

The course also contains a module on the RBC Standards for specific sectors: industry, including the IT sector and online trading, jewelry manufacturing, creative production, mining, textile production, forest management, and wood products, etc.

The course invites experts from major international and Russian companies such as Philip Morris, IKEA, VEB Infrastructure, LVHM, UPM, UniLegal, and OECD experts. The program is useful for both small and medium-sized enterprises and large companies wishing to enter the international market, find foreign partners, and also increase their social and environmental responsibility.

Learn responsible business conduct with us!

Details of the program can be found at: http://rbc.oecd-russia.org

Responsible Business Brochure: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BhqwUyqf1ce2Gj9FyZvL5nkp9ROSwBN5/view