Be responsible and get a bonus!

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Be responsible and get a bonus!

FSC holds the Green Project 2020 Award!

The main objectives of the award are to promote responsible forest management, encourage and support the implementation of best practices in responsible forest management in the environmental, economic and social aspects of the country, strengthen the image of Russian forest companies at the national and international levels, increase confidence and increase the investment attractiveness of the Russian forest sector, increase trust in FSC certification.

Nine regions have already submitted applications for the FSC Russia Green Project 2020 Award: Arkhangelsk, Kostroma, Kurgan, Moscow, and Sverdlovsk Regions, Perm Territory, the Republic of Komi and Mari El, and the Khantys-Mansis Autonomous District.

The award website has a library of continuously updated projects and allows you to get acquainted with the diverse experience of responsible forest management companies and adopt new ideas. Companies and organizations are ready to share their varied experience of responsible attitude to forests and various projects that benefit the wood from the economic, environmental, or social point of view.

Application deadline extended until July 31.

The award ceremony will take place online on September 9, 2020, at the joint event of the FSC Russia and "the Lumberjack of the 21st Century".

The largest number of applications was for social nomination. Luzales submitted two projects in this nomination:

The first project of Luzales LLC is "Publishing and support of writers and poets of the Komi Republic". Thanks to the company's financial support, 5000 copies of the Red Book for children of the Komi Republic, poems by young poets of the Komi Republic, and the historical and ethnographic book "Mysterious Udora" were published.

The second project of Luzales LLC is "Winter traditional and hunting ski races for prizes". Racing in the Priluzsky and Udorsky areas has become a traditional annual event gathering participants of all ages from different regions of the Komi Republic. The event aims to preserve the national hunting traditions of the Komi people and to promote a healthy lifestyle among the local population. Since 2019, races have republican status. Luzales provided cash, souvenir, and sports prizes for the winners of these races.

The Luzales company has been undergoing the FSC voluntary forest certification procedure for responsible forest management in forest areas for 19 years in a row. The company works with stakeholders: Luzales has agreements on social and economic partnership, on sponsorship, and financial support of budgetary organizations, sports teams, and creative teams. The company also assists with settlements and municipalities where production facilities located and forest areas rented. Luzales holds numerous events, holidays, public meetings.

Another new project in the social nomination of the Green Project 2020 Award - "Our Planet", a project of LLC "First Office Company". The project aims to promote the separate collection of waste. More than 5 tons of office paper are monthly exported from company offices in Moscow and the Moscow Region and sent for recycling. This service is free, provided that you purchase office paper with the FSC mark.

The main objective of the project is the introduction of separate waste collection in partner offices. And, as a result, the involvement of company employees in this process. Participation in the competition helps to promote the initiative, attract new participants, and create a responsible approach to the procurement of office paper, its use, and further recycling from employees of administrative departments and logistics.

Economic nomination: Forest Management and Egg Packaging

In the economic category, new projects from completely different production sectors appeared - from one of the largest loggers in Russia and an international brand for the production of paper packaging.

“The new environmentally friendly and economical packaging NestPack15” is a project of the company “Khukhtamaki CIS”. All products of the company, including new packaging for 15 eggs, are made from paper fiber, and 100% recycled, biodegradable and compostable.

“Commercial thinning” is a project of the forest branch of Ilim Group JSC in Koryazhma (Arkhangelsk Region). The project aims to move from an extensive forest management model to an intensive one. It allowed the company to increase the productivity of the forest resource base and receive additional raw materials to meet the needs of the production branch.

Apply for the FSC Russia Award

Ahead of World Environment Day, which is celebrated annually on June 5, the FSC Russia invites companies and organizations to participate in the Green Project 2020 Award and present in the environmental nomination projects that have a positive impact on the forests of Russia, share the experience of environmentally responsible forest use.

The subjects of the projects for this nomination may be different: contribution to the conservation and restoration of forest ecosystems, biodiversity conservation projects, conservation of intact forest areas and the creation of specially protected natural areas, promotion of responsible forest management ideas (promotion of sustainable forest management principles (communication events, PR campaigns, special events, etc.).

The Russia-OECD Center will also evaluate projects in economic nominations based on OECD standards, namely the OECD-FAO Guidance for Responsible Agricultural Supply Chains!

Participation is free. To learn more about the award, to get acquainted with the full list of submitted projects, and to submit a participant’s application, please visit

You can ask additional questions about award to Lilia Kamaeva

Phone number: +7 985 318 83 67

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